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Since 1985, FRG Corp. has established a history of providing quality service to the power generation industry. Our services encompass performance assessment / evaluation, and all phases of training support.

Frog Decal

The Frog

Originally, FRG Corp. was chartered as "FRoG, Inc." coming from "Fred, Rick, or George". The name was changed to FRG Corp. when certain clients informed us that "FRoG Inc." was a bit informal. The frog logo stayed with us and we began collecting frogs as decorations in the office. Thanks to the efforts of many of our associates, the frog collection has grown considerably over the years.

Our experience includes:

Program Design / Assessment
Job and Task Analysis
SAT based Training Material Analysis, Design, and Development
Simulator, classroom, and laboratory training and OJT programs
Instructor/Staff Training
Performance Analysis
Management Consulting
Staff Augmentation

Training and development for managers and supervisors
Self-assessment and audit support, including ASER development
Development and implementation of departmental and business wide performance indicators
Policy and Procedure Development (administrative, operations, maintenance, emergency)

FRG Corp. has provided training and support services for the following nuclear stations:

Beaver Valley Braidwood Browns Ferry
Brunswick Byron Clinton
Cooper Crystal River 3 Davis-Besse
D.C. Cook Dresden Duane Arnold
Fermi 2 Fort Calhoun Grand Gulf
H.B. Robinson Hope Creek James A. FitzPatrick
La Salle County Millstone Monticello
Nine Mile Point Palisades Palo Verde
Perry Quad Cities River Bend
San Onofre Shearon Harris South Texas Project
St. Lucie Susquehanna