Established in 1985, FRG Corp. has established a history of providing quality training and performance support services for a variety of clients, including Nuclear & Fossile Generation electric and gas utilities, petrochemical, retail companies and school systems.







Our experience Includes:


Safety Training

  • OSHA/MIOSHA Compliance training

Development and implementation of simulator, classroom, and laboratory training

  • Nuclear Operations training (licensed and non-licensed)
  • Engineering training
  • Maintenance Training
  • QA training

Staff Augmentation

  • Classroom training
  • Simulator training
  • Self-assessment and audit activities
  • Training Development
  • Instructor Skills Training

Program evaluation and assessment services

  • Needs and problem analysis
  • Data collection, analysis, and reporting
  • Performance status in relation to industry standards
  • QA audits
  • Program implementation and resulting impacts

Training and development for managers and supervisors

  • Leadership and team building skills
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Communication techniques
  • Work flow analysis and improvement
  • Observing and managing performance
  • Skills for implementing culture change

Development and implementation of departmental and site wide performance indicators

  • Identification of relevant performance indicators for trending performance
  • Design of processes for collecting and reporting performance indicators
  • Design and implementation of software for analyzing and reporting performance indicators
  • Training on the use of performance indicators for continuous program improvement and monitoring

All services are conducted by staff with the background and expertise to provide the services you need in a manner that meets regulatory standards, as well as industry good practices.